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Press Kit


Sharing the Stage:

The trio has had the honor of sharing the stage with renowned acts like Wolf Alice and Supergrass, cementing their reputation as a band that can hold their own among music's elite. Their festival appearances across the UK have electrified crowds and earned them a dedicated following that continues to grow.


Debut Album: The Great Letting Go

Pattern Pusher's debut album, "The Great Letting Go" promises to be a transcendent musical experience. With each track, they invite listeners to immerse themselves in a world of raw emotion and introspection. In an interview Alex speaks about the writing process:

“This album is a list of diary entries of thoughts and feelings, experiences, both painful and joyful from the past year and a half. They’re an honest and open reflection of my emotional journey”. It is a culmination of their artistic journey and a declaration of their unwavering passion for music.


Pattern Pusher are more than a band; they are storytellers and energy-purveyors. Their songs resonates on a deeply personal level. As they continue to push the boundaries of their craft, Pattern Pusher are poised to leave an indelible mark on the world, one note at a time.

Kingpins of the live music scene in the South West” - BBC Music Introducing South & West


Let Pattern Pusher soundtrack the dawn of this new age with sweet melodies and sun-kissed energy” - Atwood Magazine

Strong classic song-writing from start to finish” - Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music)

Pattern Pusher: Crafting Emotion-Infused Alternative Rock


Band Members:

  • Alex Johnstone - Keys and Vocals

  • Benjamin Conibear - Drums and Percussion

  • Ben Green - Bass Guitar


About Pattern Pusher:

Pattern Pusher, a dynamic trio hailing from South West of the UK, have ignited the alternative rock scene with emotionally charged songs played with infectious energy. The band has been carving a unique path in the world of music, and their journey is one that commands attention.


The Sound:

Pattern Pusher's music is a visceral journey through the depths of human emotion. Alex’s soul-stirring vocals are accompanied by Benjamin’s powerful drumming and Ben’s striking bass. Their sound effortlessly transcends boundaries, fusing elements of alternative rock, indie, and classical influences into a sonic tapestry that is truly their own. Each note and lyric is a testament to their dedication to crafting songs that resonate deeply with every audience.


Pattern Pusher's talent has not gone unnoticed. They've earned glowing reviews from prestigious publications like GQ magazine - "One of the most energetic live shows", been added to NME’sOnes To Watch’ and their music has created a buzz at BBC Radio 6 and BBC Radio 2, solidifying their status as a force to be reckoned within the music industry.



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