Our first single of 2022, we're proud to introduce Holding On!

Alex: The loss of my dad and the end of my long term relationship both happened within the last year. That stuff shakes you to your core and you can’t help thinking about how short and fragile life can be. Out of this period of introspection came hope; the idea that life is a brief candle and that we should enjoy every flicker of it and simultaneously, that self love and wanting your own ‘perfect life story’ is absolutely okay! The past year has seen crazy life changes for me. It’s all happened so fast; this song seemed to come out of thin air during all the madness.

In essence it’s a song of hope. I think we all deserve to be happy and to live the way that we choose. It’s about letting go of the guilt that comes with self care and getting comfortable with taking the risks we take to get where we want to be.

Holding On is out on Friday the 25th of March, one day before our spring tour starts.